The EXFIL® Maritime Liner System features sealed pads optimized to withstand routine exposure to water. The liner’s quick-drying capability helps reduce the added helmet system weight and discomfort that results from waterlogged helmet pads. It utilizes Team Wendy’s proven Zorbium® foam technology, offering leading-edge impact protection and maximum comfort, and the included fit adjustment pack helps customize fit.

The EXFIL® Maritime Liner System is available in two configurations: one for the EXFIL® Ballistic and EXFIL® Ballistic SL, and one for the EXFIL® Carbon and EXFIL® LTP.

The EXFIL® Maritime Liner System contains the following:

  • Three (3) Impact Liner Pads (Front, Crown, Rear)
  • One (1) EXFIL® Maritime Liner Fit Adjustment Pack with Four (4) Shim Pads


Each EXFIL® helmet maintains its published performance standards and certifications when the EXFIL® Maritime Liner System is installed. See your respective helmet user guide for details.