The IR940 is a dedicated IR illuminator that is designed to output IR light in the 940nm IR spectrum. The reflector is designed to deliver a good amount of spill and a well defined hot spot at distances up to 75 yards depending on atmospheric conditions. This light head has the large visible signature reduction over our 850nm head and the Surefire Vampire Series of lights. If your looking for the most stealthy IR head currently available this is the light you want.

  • Hand assembled in and tested in the USA
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Approximate 50mW IR output
  • 6061 Series Alum bezel with Mil-Spec Hard Anodizing
  • Ultra clear BOROFLOAT lens allows 98-99% light transmittance


Lithium CR123 cells are not supported and if used will cause the cells to heat up and possibly explode or catch fire. We recommend our Modlite Protected Cells.